Student Achievers


  • In Regional Athletic Sports Meet
  1. Master.Rahul Nayak - won  gold medal in 200m and Bronze medal in long jump
  2. Himanshu Shekhar Swain -won gold in high jump and Silver in 100m sprint event
  3. Ashutosh Praharaj – won two gold medals in shot put and discus through respectively.
  4. Rakesh Debata- won Silver and two Bronze medals in 200m, 100m and triple jump respectively.
  5. Sagar Tudu won two Bronze medal in 1500m and 5000m long race event.
  • In Swimming

1-Amit Yadav won two silver and one Bronze medal

2- Jami Harish won one silver and one bronze medal.

  • In Skating Regional Event

1-      Rohit Singh won two silver medals and a bronze medal

2- Shivpal Singh won a bronze medal.

The following students are also selected to participate in KVS National Sports meet, 2017

1- Rahul Nayak and Himanshu Shekhar Swain in athletics

3-      Rohit Singh in skating


In which in KVS National Athletics game Rahul Nayak of class IX-A and Himanshu Sekhar Swain of class X-A won Bronze medal in 4 ×100m Relay event.

State Championship

Apart from KVS sports our children also participated in state games, in open District Athletics game Rakesh Debata of class-XII (Sc.) won silver in 100m Sprint and Tripal Jump while Bronze in 200m dash, in union state karate championship Deepshikha Samantara won silver and Shubham Mahapatra won Bronze medals.